Pausing to remember

I had a different post in mind when this day first dawned. As I ran 6 miles my mind ran even faster composing sentences and picking themes: a nagging twinge in my knee (possibly my first running injury), running in the rain (for a few minutes) and just how much I love running fast and feeling fit.

Then life happened and I forgot to write.

When I remembered to write again I had taken time to remember where I was 9 years ago today. As I watched the footage of the second plane hit the tower and then the towers collapse I could not look away. The sober reality of today’s anniversary filled my mind.

To me, part of moving forward is realizing how far I have come.

9 years ago I sat in Algebra II as a junior in high school playing a review game when the planes hit. I first heard about the planes when I walked into Bible class and 2 of my classmates asked me if I’d heard about the plane that crashed into the Twin Towers. I shrugged and said no. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t even know what the Twin Towers were. In chapel I found out with the other several thousand people there that the gossip in fact was not gossip. I don’t think that auditorium had ever been that quiet with people in it or ever will be again.

I find it incredible just how much that one day has affected my life and the lives of nearly everyone I know.

As I think about the effects of that day I cannot help thinking of just how much my life has changed in total. Since that day in 2001 I have gradated from high school. I journeyed off to college to stay only a semester before returning to what I knew. I rediscovered my love for history. I graduated from college. I worked 2 part time jobs. I went back to school and in a little under a year got my Masters of Arts in teaching. I taught for a year and am starting my second year. I have decided to go back to school yet again. Those are just the bare facts.

I am a completely different person than I was back then. God has grown me so much. He still has so much that He’s going to do with me.

Looking back on what God has done in my life I cannot help but be encouraged and hopeful for the steps He’s going to help me take in the future. In the middle it’s hard to see the difference but sometimes God gives these backward glances to remind His children that He’s still present and involved every day.


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