Restless steps

I’m still riding the high of yesterdays half marathon. My finishers medal keeps calling to me from the table. I wanted to take it to church with me and show it off. Of course I didn’t. I want to take it to school tomorrow to show it off but I won’t. I like it too much to dangle it in front of the greedy fingers of my lovely little thieves. 😀

Perhaps the high of yesterdays race is making me think illogically but even now I have another safari window open with 5 or 6 different windows each with a different race. That’s on top of the 2 5ks I have already signed up for. I think I might sign up for all of them.

Going through all these searches makes me wish that there were an easier way to search for all kinds of races. Each different running club or organization lists different races. Oy vey. Gradually I will find as many as I can. Sooner or later though I will have to travel if I want to find longer races than 5ks and as many races as I want.

I am absolutely passionate about running. I cannot believe how much I love running. Now I have to actually start doing healthy, rigorous training if I want to increase my speed and qualify for the Boston Marathon in a few years. If I ran the full marathon at the same pace I ran yesterday I would still have to shave 30 minutes off the marathon time to Boston qualify.

Can you tell that I am excited?


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  1. NAh, didn’t notice…:D

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