Familiar steps

I headed out for a jog for the first time since the half marathon. [Update on my half marathon time: apparently the official times changed since I checked them the first day. I ran a 1:59:56! Yay for sub 2 on my first time out]

I missed my run on Saturday. I gave in to the feeling that I just wanted to rest on Saturday and I totally missed my run. Looking back it was probably a good idea to take it easy still. That feeling of missing my run showed me that this is definitely something that I want to pursue as much as I can.

Back to my run today. It felt so good to get outside and fall into stride. My legs felt so powerful during the first mile, throughout all 5 miles actually. The hills didn’t seem so daunting. I adjusted my stride as necessary and powered through them, especially the last hill right at the end that always threatens to knock me out.

When I finished though my calves felt almost exactly like they did when I finished the half marathon. I can only imagine what they are going to feel like when I finish the marathon next year.

Here’s to running and all that it entails!


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