Baby food blogging steps

I hope that you will bear with me as I take my first attempt at food blogging. For several weeks now I have been reading more and more healthy living blogs and absolutely love them. I love the photography. I love the food. I love the writing. I hope that eventually my blog can be like them.

Here goes my first attempt.

Tonight Mom and I went to Kanpai of Tokyo, one of our all time favorite restaurants. Mom wasn’t ready for this picture.

She was ready this time.

We started off with soup. I don’t particularly like the taste of the soup but I usually take a few sips because I’m always hungry at that point.

Salad came next but I never eat this. I’ve tried to overcome my aversion to the dressing but to no avail. Mom ate hers though.

Usually the chef performs more and it feels awkward for me. This time he didn’t but he made sure that we got the exact thing we ordered. Here he’s slicing the zucchini…pretty much the main reason I love this place.

We ordered sushi to start but it didn’t arrive until right before the chef put the rice on our plates.

Salad rolls for Mom.

Shiitake roll for me.

Of course, I separated the onions right away. Something about the texture bothers me. The zucchini however disappeared quickly. I nearly forgot to get a picture before I ate them all. Then I got surprised with the vegetables from my vegetable hibachi. Broccoli and carrots, delicious.

We finished the meal with a stop at Starbucks. I tried the gingerbread latte, nonfat and one pump syrup.

My thoughts? Thick, creamy, delicious but nothing stood out about the flavor. I’ll try the egg nog once but I will probably always come back to the peppermint mocha. Nothing better!

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of the shots but that’s something I can work on. đŸ˜€


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