Moment (Reverb #3)

Today’s prompt challenged me to think of a time when I really felt alive this past year and to fully describe it.

I’m glad I got the prompt this morning because it has taken a while for me to decide on the moment that best fits this prompt. For most of this year like I described before I was waiting. That doesn’t seem alive to me.

The moment that came to my mind first happened only a couple weeks ago on my one day camping trip with my cousins and aunt and uncle.

When I woke that morning I changed in the sleeping bag before getting out, talk about an experience. My feet didn’t warm up right away so I hung out around the fire while waiting for everyone else, two of my cousins actually, to wake up.

Michael declared that he was going to take a walk while the aunt and uncle prepared breakfast. I decided to join him. (I later discovered that we were actually on a reconnaissance mission to find sunglasses he lost the night, yes night, before while waiting for his sister and I to arrive.

I’m not sure when the actual moment arrived but an aha moment hit me as we walked down the road in the cool crisp air. I wanted to do more. I wanted to experience more. I wanted to say yes to new experiences instead of staying home in my comfort zone.

Michael and I talked about the places we wanted to go and things we wanted to do when we got there. I sipped my generic brand hot chocolate before wedging it into the front pocket of my sweat shirt. I rolled my eyes when Michael scavenged through the layers of leaves on the side of the road unsuccessfully for his sunglasses. We joked about his finder working when he found a beer bottle. I jokingly complained about walking all the way down a hill when he had already stopped looking.

None of these things are all that unique. Nothing new happened. I have never felt more adventurous in my life and I loved it.


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