11 Things (Reverb #11)

The prompt today asked “what are 11 things [my] life doesn’t need in 2011? How will [I] go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change [my] life?”

I have thought about this a lot recently. My life became so hectic and I knew I needed to figure out a way to eliminate things from my life to make things more simple and alleviate the stress. While I haven’t completely eliminated the things I thought about before I am working towards that. Honestly, I have been waiting for Christmas break so I could take some time and figure it out.

I’m not sure if I have eleven things to eliminate but I will certainly try to identify that many. I love unique number patterns. (a little more than is healthy actually)

First, I want to eliminate stress. Obviously my life, and my body, does not need stress. Stress however is a vague concept to talk about, one hard to pin down and figure out how to eliminate. I believe that simplifying my life and eliminating the things I am going to mention next will help tremendously.

Second, I want to eliminate calorie counting. I mentioned earlier in the post that I am slightly obsessed with numbers. (I’m surprised that I never took a math class after high school.) In 2008 when I started with sparkpeople, a choice I don’t regret, I knew that I might become hooked on keeping track of the numbers, obsessively so. I learned a lot that first year. I dropped nearly 30 pounds, just the first step on my journey to a healthy body. I wasn’t healthy yet though. Various events came into my life and I gained nearly 10 pounds back. I became almost obsessive with the calorie counts and frustrated that I wasn’t dropping the weight. I still haven’t. (well a few pounds actually) In the past couple months as I have gotten more into running, training for races (half marathons at this point) and reading healthy living blogs I realized that I do not want to count calories. I want to eat healthy but not fixate on planning my meals on the weekends and being forced to stick with it or face spending way too much time adjusting my meal plan. I think I will still keep in mind the general calorie counts of the items and might write down what I eat but I am not going to track my food any more.

Third, I want to eliminate meat. Even a few months ago I would not have believed that I would say that but it is true. Honestly, I’m not 100% certain why I want to become a vegetarian. I’ve struggled for the past few weeks to come up with a reason and I still don’t have one. I’m becoming okay with that. I hope that I will take this opportunity of eliminating meat to try all kinds of new yummy delicious food. Maybe some day I will stumble upon my reason for this desire but honestly, I’m okay now with not having a reason.

Fourth, I want to cut back on watching TV. I know the prompt asked for eliminations but I think this counts. While I love watching a television show or movie with a good story I do not need to fill up my life with mindless, mildly interesting drivel. I have already taken steps in this direction. I used to watch TV in the morning before breakfast. If I really got into a show it might take me an extra five minutes to get ready and I would end up leaving later. I have noticed a huge difference already.

Fifth, I want to eliminate diet Dr. Pepper. When compared to the others this seems pretty trivial. I’m sure though that at one point this year I was addicted. I tried to quit and I couldn’t. In the past few weeks though I have been trying and it feels good.

Sixth, I want to… Well, to be honest, I can’t think of six more specific things to write about and it’s getting late. But that’s not to say that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed this post. It’s gotten me thinking about things that are necessary in my life and things that aren’t. Making things simple will definitely go a long way to helping me reach my goal of number one. Also, I should have mentioned at the beginning of the post that calling it quits when I have everything done for the next day also helps alleviate stress so I’m not always moving full steam ahead.


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