What I did on my day off

These past few days have been extremely busy and I haven’t been able to participate in reverb10 like I wanted. Instead, what I want to write (and still had no time to write) is what I did on my unexpected day off Thursday.

Originally, I thought I would have time to create the post on Thursday. Instead I worked until 11 to get everything done. I have to say though. I got a lot done.

Let’s go back in time and pretend it’s Thursday.

I woke up and ran downstairs to check the closings just in case. Nothing. I got ready and headed to school only pull into a completely empty parking lot. I know I arrive early but not that early. I called home. Mom checked and ten minutes after I had first checked a two hour delay had been posted so I headed back home.

An hour later after spending the entire time on finances I discovered that the two hour delay had turned into a full day off. I can’t express how happy I felt. I spend 2 hours on finances and then moved slowly into wrapping presents. Like this monstrosity that took me 20 minutes to wrap! (Yes Dad. It’s yours.)

Then I started baking. First I made peanut butter cake for Dad. (Do you have it yet?)

Then I had a lot of fun taking this:

whacking it a few times with this:

to make this:

Why yes I do enjoy whacking things with my lovely wooden spoon.

Next I finished mixing up the dough for Mama Pea’s Christmas Cookie Dough Balls. (For the recipe visit peasandthankyou.com . Eventually I will figure out how to post links in the text.)

I spent hours listening/watching to various shows like People’s Court, Tyra, Judge Judy, Everybody Loves Raymond and etc (yes, this took me quite a while) rolling the dough into little balls.

and then rolling them in red sugar, crushed peppermint and green sugar.

Into the oven they went. These cookies turned out better than any cookies I’ve ever made. (I made quite a few of them.)

Lastly I made a dailygarnish.com ‘s Peanut Banana Raisin Bread. (She made it first with chocolate chips and so did I. I wasn’t a big fan of chocolate chips so I tried it with raisins this time. I think I will like it even better next time when I use craisins. The raisins just didn’t have much taste.)

I ended the night with my least favorite part. Taking care of this:

(That’s just a little taste of the mess I made.)

Over all I am so glad that I had a day off. Now I am on vacation for real. I’m not sure how I will make up the reverb10 posts but I intend to spend some time on them so expect quite a few entries in the next few days.



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2 responses to “What I did on my day off

  1. Yes, I got the delicious bread. Thank you! I am scratching my head trying to figure out what is under that blue wrapping paper, but I like it!

    Whacking things with a wooden spoon is fun, unless it’s my arm…:D

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