Beyond Avoidance (Reverb #20)

Breakfast today came a little late. I woke up an hour and a half later than I have been. The only explanation I can think of is the fact that my dream scared me awake. I dreamt that while over at someone’s house his very large, underarm height, dogs came over to greet me. I’m sorry but I hate large dogs.

After a few minutes I finally found an oatmeal recipe that worked with the ingredients I had on hand.

Today’s breakfast consisted of Starbucks Christmas blend, a Cinnamon Streusal muffin (didn’t need but they smelled so good) and oatmeal with a splash of stevia and some craisins.

The prompt for December 20th (yes, I skipped the 19th because I just didn’t like it) asked “what should [I] have done this year but didn’t because [I was] too scared, worried, usure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will [I] do it?)

I can’t think of one specific thing that I did not do for any of the above reasons. I can however think of many general things that I did not do for a variety of reasons. Because of money I did not go on a Mediterranean cruise. (I did however go on a Caribbean cruise.) Several times because I was unsure I did not go to singles group get togethers. Other times I did not just go out and do something simply because I was too busy.

I have a tendency to avoid things. I will try to make myself busy around a certain time so that I have an excuse not to leave the house. Otherwise I will come up with nearly any excuse in the book to not go.

I have a problem. I realize that. Part of 2011 for me is to stop saying no to things, to stop avoiding things and just go out there and do things. I have the new years resolution (which I will expand more on later) of trying something, anything, new at least once a week next year. I will have to stop avoiding things.


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