Future Self or Advice to the 15 year old Me (Reverb #21)

Third time is the charm. Why yes, I did have savory pancakes three days in a row. (These are leftovers from yesterday)

I switched it up today by adding Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Frites. (Btw…does anyone know why TJ’s call the fries, frites?)

For yesterday’s prompt (yes! I am almost caught up!) I choose the bonus prompt. I’m not really sure what she’s asking with the main prompt. Yesterday’s bonus prompt said to “write a note to [myself] 10 years ago. What would [I] tell [my] younger self?”

Let me set the stage. 10 years ago today I was 15 years old, on Christmas break after finishing the first semester of my sophomore year of high school. We still lived in our old house (which coincidentally was where the large dogs of my dream attacked me) and I wanted to become a pediatric oncologist.

Dear Jen,

2010 will bring a whole bunch of changes you couldn’t even imagine. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try things. Take advantage of all the free time on your hands to attempt new things, talk to new people, dream big!

Don’t be discouraged when things seem too hard. You can and will succeed because God will give you the strength. Stop doubting yourself and persevere on God’s strength.

Take the time now to learn how to stop obsessing. Learn now how to let go and let God. Learn how to stop always wanting to be in control.

Just as a side note, actually pay attention in Spanish class. You’ll actually need to know this information in the years to come.

Your 25 year old self


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