Exploration, the cure for boredom

I hit a wall just around 2 this afternoon. I had caught up on all my waste of time computer stuff. Nothing good was on television. (Is there ever actually?) I didn’t want to read. I didn’t want to cross stitch.

I vowed that I would savor today so I did. I ran upstairs, fussed with my hair a little, threw on some jeans and took off. Where would I head?

Now this isn’t the fanciest exterior I’ve seen but I always love the interior: books, book and more books. Of course, I had to have some coffee to sip while browsing.

My cups don’t always look this complicated, just during peppermint mocha season. (I used to spell my name that way, just not anymore.)

I spent a lot of time in the cookbook section and nearly bought this beauty in the bargain sectionI flipped through every page and could picture myself making many of these recipes. I tucked it under my arm and started to do more browsing but I didn’t get far. I honestly have no money for it unfortunately so it will have to wait for a later date. (Christmas…hint, hint!)

After a few more gratuitous minutes I got back in the car and started the trip back with the goal in mind to stop whenever I saw something picture worthy or I saw a sign that caught my eye.

I almost missed the last stop on my Christmas shopping list. I’m not a big fan but some in my family are and since this was the only thing they put on their list I didn’t have much choice. lol

(I just discovered though that before we leave tomorrow I have to go back because I have 3 cards when I paid for 4. Nuts!)

Then I pulled off on a road with a sign pointing to a memorial and a park. I’m so glad I did. I wish I had started this discovery tour sooner in the week. Oh well, my slacking this year leaves plenty for next.

I have to say that the town of Hilton Head did a fantastic job creating this memorial and the little park is so gorgeous! I hope to find many more on future trips!


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