Christmas Eve 2010

Could I come up with something better? Nope.

I did try something new for breakfast but the camera is charging for the festivities later today so no picture. Steel-cut oats have such a unique flavor, today with a hint of vanilla and maple syrup.

Yesterday started with packing the rest of our things in the condo and heading home. Right before we left I took my traditional empty house pics. I’m not sure why I do this every year but it’s a habit.

That end chair by the door? That’s my blogging chair, at least it is while I’m at the beach.

For the fun of it when we got back into town we stopped by the mall to pick up some stocking stuffers for my sister. Mom didn’t get out of the car but I did and had so much fun laughing at everyone and all the people who made their own parking spots so they wouldn’t have to walk an extra 40 feet.

Merry Christmas everybody!

By the time we finished all errands (including going to 3 different Starbucks to find the Cocoa Trio) and got home it was a little after 5. My cousins had implanted the idea of going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader again (for them) and I really wanted to do it.

So instead of spending hours making little mini pumpkin muffins for everyone I peeled all the veggies for the maple roasted veggies tomorrow, wrapped a couple presents and headed over to pick them up.

I had a blast. Spending quality time with family is so much better than spending hours by yourself making them something that will get eating in a few minutes.

I feel short compared to these boys. See?

Oh wait, maybe someone else should take the picture.

Now I’m off to eat more food, spend more quality time with family and take lots of pictures!


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