Soul Food (Reverb #26)

December 26th’s prompt asked “what food did [I] eat this year that [I] will never forget? What went into [my] mouth and touched [my] soul?”

I have learned a lot about food this year. I’m not sure if anything I ate touched my soul though. I ate a lot of really good stuff and learned so much about food even before I started documenting my journey on this blog.

The biggest change I have encountered has to do with my choice to become vegetarian. On the journey to become vegetarian I have been exposed to all kinds of new vegetables, grains and fruits. I have learned that I prefer to bake from scratch and to bake without oil and milk. I simply enjoy the taste more. I have learned that I love to cook, plain and simple. I enjoy crafting a meal and then sitting down to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Today’s lunch epitomized what I just described.

A couple weeks ago I purchased some whole wheat pasta from Trader Joe’s intending to use it on my beach vacation week to make Lemon Garlic Pasta. I made it today though because I forgot to take everything I needed to the beach.

I adapted a recipe from eat, drink and be vegan by Dreena Burton.

I started with:

While the pasta boiled I broke out my brand new garlic press!I am so excited about this garlic press! I forget which blogger I follow put it on her Christmas list but thank you to whoever that was. I had such a difficult time mincing it by hand. Now it’s so simple and my hands don’t smell like garlic!

I pressed the garlic into some lemon juice, added salt, pepper, agave nectar and olive oil and whisked.

Next I set aside a cup of the pasta water, drained the pasta, added the sauce (and a little pasta water) and mixed it all together.

The finished product.

Doesn’t look like much does it? Actually, it doesn’t look any different than the pasta sans sauce. This made me wonder if it would be like eating plain pasta.


This was some of the best pasta I have ever eaten. I could taste the lemon and the garlic. I could taste the nutty flavor of the whole wheat in the pasta. The sauce didn’t over power the pasta and vice versa. The only thing I will do differently when I eat more of this tomorrow? Add some veggies, and some protein somehow. Otherwise this was the perfect dish and definitely something I want to do a lot more of in the future.


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  1. Wonderful post.. and the pasta really looks good

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