Foam Roller to the Rescue

For the past two days I have winced and groaned each time I sit or stand or try to bend over. I blame the pump class I attended Monday with my mom and sister. I was on vacation after all. I needed to get in some cross training and strength training so I went.

I could barely make it through the class. My arms quivered like they had been deboned. (courtesy of Harry Potter) However, I threw myself into the leg exercises because I could actually do those. I regretted that reckless abandon later.

Before I get to the miracle that is my new foam roller I answered the phones at church this morning. I thought I could get down to work but this is what the desk looked like:

see the stack of actual work behind the book?

yes that is twitter

Then there’s me.

T-shirt and jeans, no makeup, no blowdrying of hair. (Yay for breaking down insecurities with how I look! thanks Operation Beautiful!)

When I got home I at lunch and got some work done before I forced myself on the treadmill for an easy run. I took it very easy, starting at a 10 minute pace and working slower. I didn’t want to exacerbate my sore leg muscles.

When I finished I brought out one of my new favorite Christmas gifts.

excuse the poor's dark out

This little foam roller may not look like much but I have been singing its praises ever since 3:45pm today.

In about 5 minutes I rolled out my hamstrings, IT band and quads. Did it hurt? Definitely. Was I completely unsure of what I was doing? Of course. Will I do it again? Daily! (Well maybe not daily but every time I run or strength train)

Immediately I felt a difference. My legs are still a little bit sore but not in a way that makes me groan every time I stand or sit. I have no doubt now that I can conquer that 8 mile run on Saturday. (I may not have gotten to 8 miles on Christmas but I will on New Years!)

Stay tuned for 2011 goals!


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