Nerd Alert!

I ran with my garmin today for the first time ever. (cross week 2 off the “try new things list”) I loved it!

Now the run did not start off that way though. I postponed my run from the usual morning time I ran when I first trained for my first half. (Feels like temperatures of 24 degrees did not appeal to me)

I scheduled my run for 3 but when I finished work for school just before 2 I headed out a little early. When I started running I remembered just how much I love this.

I’m so glad God helped me rediscover my love for running. I haven’t run outside in ages and running long distances (read 4 -6 miles) on the treadmill really saps my running desire.

All throughout my run I thought about this post and all the analysis I could derive from my garmin statistics. Then I downloaded the data. The entire 9 miles was on one lap. Oops. I still have to figure all of this garmin stuff.

I have the final data. Even with having to stop twice in .2 miles to tie my shoe, (I thought I learned how to do this when I was five) walking for .1 miles while I refueled, dealing with wind that blew me a step or two off the side walk running up the hills of death (or so I affectionately call them) I ran 9 miles in 1:26:47 with an average pace of 9:37. (The time is a couple seconds off because I forgot to stop the timer. :D)

I decided while I was on my run that I would push myself in one direction not multiple. If I focus on distance I will not obsess over time. I can comfortably run a 9:30 pace in training runs and I always run at least 30 seconds faster in races. When I focus on time I get neurotic, burn out and then don’t want to finish.

So, here’s to hoping that I figure out how to use my garmin correctly next time and get some lap data. Otherwise I’m super excited and cannot wait until my 10 mile run next week!


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