How a Teacher Spends a Snow Day

I didn’t have to go to work today so I turned off my alarm and woke to snow, so much snow I couldn’t tell where the yard ended and the street began!

I can’t remember the last time we have had this much snow in South Carolina. The only other time I have ever walked in snow so deep was sophomore year of high school when I went on a ski trip with my high school. (I’ve never skied but that’s a story for another day.)

I woke up more excited to take pictures of the snow than having the day off to relax.

I headed out before lunch (Blueberry Corn Pancakes from Veganomicon…stay tuned) and after lunch to take pictures. In the process I learned that my gloves are not sufficient for this kind of weather. I had to head back sooner than I wanted because my fingers hurt with the cold.

Here’s just a sampling of the winter wonderland I had at my chilly fingertips.

see the perfect snowflake on my glove?

South Carolina sleds = boogie boards

In between the picture taking adventures I broke out Veganomicon to make some Blueberry Corn Pancakes. I think by the time I finished I figured out how to time the pancake flips so they wouldn’t end up like attempt number one.

Attempt 2 while a little burnt still was quite edible.

Mom on the other hand was successful every time.

Then I finished the day with another couple recipes from veganomicon: cornbread (a last minute addition) and Pineapple Quinoa Stirfry. Actually it was Pineapple Couscous Stirfry. I seem to have trouble with buying couscous when I want quinoa.

We added broccoli and some chicken-less strips from Trader Joe’s. Wow. Amazing.

sorry for the blur...still working on the pics

Though stir fries don’t always look pretty this one tasted delicious. I also added Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter to the cornbread, sweet enough for dessert.


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One response to “How a Teacher Spends a Snow Day

  1. Oh wow, that does seem like quite a lot of snow for South Carolina!
    I live in the mountains of Virginia and we’ve literally been covered in snow since the beginning of December! We have about 6 inches on the ground right now and could get another 3-5 over the next few days. :/

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