The best of intentions

I didn’t remember until yesterday afternoon that it was Tuesday and thus #fitblog chat night. No problem. Snow day #3 afforded me the ability to stay up late (ie after the end of fitblog) so it would be no problem.

I cranked out yesterday’s post as quickly as possible and published it with ten minutes to spare. I refreshed the fitblog site with 7 minutes left and got nothing. Our internet went out for the rest of the night.

Since I was really excited for the topic and needed an idea for a post I’m going to answer the questions here so I don’t feel like I missed out quite so much.

I am shamelessly borrowing this post idea from Katy Heddleston, last night’s moderator.


I think I am an overall sports person. Actually it depends on a few different things. I love watching sports, all kinds of sports. When the Olympics come on my family can count on not being able to watch anything else on TV.

When it comes to playing sports I have always enjoyed playing softball, a team sport, though I am not able to play it any more. (no teams/leagues available) I guess I would have to say that now I’m more of an individual sports person, what with how much I love to run.


While I have always loved to watch sports, when I was younger I did not like running at all. Yes, I preferred team sports to individual sports but that was only because I hadn’t found my niche.


Honestly, I don’t have a workout buddy. The closest I have come to a workout buddy is my mom. For a little while we shared strength training exercises because I still paid for a personal trainer and she didn’t.


I’m not sure how I feel about work out buddies in general so I’m not sure that I would want to meet someone new at the gym just for the purpose of having a workout buddy.


I am very reluctant to try new things. (My 2011 goal to try one new thing a week is to help me get over this.) The only “trendy” new workout I think I have tried, and loved, is running. I’m pretty sure that running is pretty “trendy” right now.


It depends on the time of year. During the school year, on school days, I prefer to work out right after work. The gym is on my way home so even if I have a run scheduled I will stop at the gym to change before running outside.

During the summer and on weekends I much prefer to workout in the morning around 9. I like getting things out of the way and it makes me feel extremely productive for the day. I’m not sure what my schedule will be like once I start school again but I think I might make working out a priority for the day.


When I work out in the morning I usually have a couple frozen homemade peanut butter cups. (I love those things!) It’s just enough to get my metabolism going. Before long runs though I usually eat breakfast since I wait a couple hours for the temps to become more friendly.

In other news, yesterday I signed up to run the Two Castles Run just outside of Birmingham, England while I’m in London this summer! Can anyone tell me what might be more fun than to run between two castles? (Warwick and Kenilworth)



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3 responses to “The best of intentions

  1. I love Warwick and Kenilworth castles. I lived in England in 2002 for 6 months and had a chance to walk and run all over England. It was a great time and you will really enjoy your time. You can feel like an your in the Olympics since they will be there soon!!! Have a great day

  2. thank you so much! I’m super excited.

  3. More than than running between two castles in England, hmm, how about walking between two castles or driving between two castles or, basically anything that does not require running…:D

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