Solo Journey

So, I had yet another day off today. Yes, four days in a row.

I decided to buckle down, sort of, today and got my budget all figured out. The part I have yet to figure out is how I’m going to earn/save $20k for grad school.

I also ventured out in the car for the first time since Sunday night, out grocery shopping.

ground that never saw snow

I drove to Trader Joe’s with the snow still on top of my car and the hood. Some still remained when I arrived.

When I came out I wondered where it had gone. It wasn’t that hot. Then I walked to the front.

Everything slid to the front. Thankfully most of it was attached to large ice pieces that I threw off.

Then I had to laugh when I got to Costco and saw what southerners do with large amounts of snow.

That’s when I started to get a little lonely, at least after I got home and unloaded the groceries.

See, for the past 4 nights both my mom and sister have been home and we spent the evenings watching TV together, usually Firefly. (Highly addicting show that should never have been cancelled.) Tonight that’s not the case. This afternoon my mom left to go on a church leader retreat. My sister is going swing dancing tonight. It’s just me.

I started to have a big ‘ole pity party for little me. Then God got ahold of me. He made me put on my workout clothes and get on the treadmill. I had a 5 mile run scheduled that I wanted to do outside. Sidewalks aren’t ready though so I decided to switch workouts with next Thursday, an easy run. I turned on Oprah, set the treadmill to 5 and ran. I ran until the end of the show, (fast-forwarding the commercials) an easy 3.25 miles.

God has made our bodies so wonderfully! I felt so good afterwards and motivated.

Since I obviously didn’t make it in to work on Monday the peanut butter brownies I made for the faculty ended up eaten by the three of us in the house. I felt so motivated I decided to bake some more. Don’t judge me, I used a box for the muffins,

and then used up my Trader Joe’s pancake mix and the fresh blueberries and made some coffeecake as well.

While these were baking I whipped myself up an egg scramble. I wanted to add some green but we don’t have any! (I just went to the store but didn’t get anything green. How could this happen?)

In the mix: 3 eggs, lots of mushrooms, provolone cheese and some baked potato. Plus a muffin on the side and some coffee.

Even though I have to go into work tomorrow, albeit on a 2 hour delay, I’m okay with it and excited to get back into a regular schedule. (Not sure what that will do to blogging though. I’ll try to keep up. :D)



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2 responses to “Solo Journey

  1. Can I have one of those egg thingies, well, minus the fungus, but otherwise, yes, please. While you’re at it, you can throw in a muffin and a piece of the coffee cake. I promise, I won’t eat all of it at one sitting. (I’ll stand up at some point during the meal :))

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