Almost a day in the life of…

I started off today with the idea that I would take pictures of my eats interspersed with a recap of my longest training run ever, 11 miles.

I managed to take three pictures. 😀 At least I got that far.

So today for breakfast I did not feel like portioning out oats, craisins and water in the rice cooker so I opened my box of Ancient Grains from Costco, scooped out a cup, sliced a banana on top and added skim milk.

(That picture turned out better than I thought.)

I liked the Ancient Grains. At first I didn’t think that I would like to have this as a regular breakfast but then a few hours passed and I wasn’t hungry at all. This might become a regular breakfast once the weather gets a little warmer.

I also had my usual 2 frozen peanut butter cups to start off the day.

They aren’t much to look at but I love them.

Just after 10 I got together all my gear for the run, including half of a protein bar for mid-run refuel.

I just tuck it into the pocket on my pants to pull out when I reach the midpoint.

So I’m not sure what happened today but I did not feel as strong on this run as my 10 miler two weeks ago. I think it was a combination of 4 10 hour days last week, not being able to work out as much and wearing a long-sleeve shirt when the temperatures rose 10-15 degrees during the run. (I actually sweat this run…first time since the fall.)

While I didn’t have negative splits I’m still proud of the run, especially the data I discovered when I finally plugged in my garmin.

Lap 1 — 9:06 (faster than I would have liked for the first lap)

Lap 2 — 9:07

Lap 3 — 9:31 (killer hill…I’m surprised I maintained such a fast pace on this hill)

Lap 4 — 9:27

Lap 5 — 9:16

Lap 6 — 9:53 (kept it under 10 minutes even with a walk break for refueling)

Lap 7 — 9:35

Lap 8 — 9:17

Lap 9 — 9:17

Lap 10 — 9:31 (hit the wall about this point)

Lap 11 — 9:45 (managed to do this even with 2 walking breaks)

My over all average pace? 9:26, a full 9 seconds faster than my 10 miler last week!

I learned that walk breaks really help because I managed to keep my pace under 10 for all. Ideally I would love for my average pace to be much more like Miles 1, 2,5,8 and 9 because I want to get faster. I decided though that I would just enjoy this run and all runs.

When I got home I rolled out, showered, drank yet another 24 oz of water and then got lunch/snack ready. I was so hungry that I devoured my pb, banana sandwich on Great Harvest bread and warmed up leftover oatmeal before I could take a picture. (Oh, I also snagged a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich when I walked in the door.) From there it was all downhill.

I think I stared at my computer screen for several hours straight and I’m not that much further with work. 😦 I paused briefly to eat some popcorn, some more pb cups and a larabar. (I took one bite and threw the rest away. 😦 I will try other flavors though)

Then I made myself step away from the computer to go out to eat.

Again I intended to bring my camera with me to document the experience. I forgot.

Dad and I intended to go to a Brazilian restaurant. As we walked I saw Mellow Mushroom and knew what I wanted was some sort of bread and cheese so we walked in and were greeted with an hour wait. I didn’t want to wait so we headed for another restaurant with fantastic calzonnes.

Since we walked past blueberry frog I had to have some frozen yogurt before dinner. We kept walking but ended up at Carolina Ale House, a new restaurant on Main Street. This time a 45 minute wait didn’t scare me off. 😀 My Greek pizza didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t the best I’d ever had but it certainly satisfied my craving. Would I go there again? Probably not.

I finished off the day with a decaf tall skinny one pump mocha. I’m not difficult at all.

So…I think next Saturday (or some other day) I’ll try this again and try to take more pictures next time.


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