February Five

As I looked back and recapped my goals for the year yesterday I realized that there are a few things that I want to add but they are things that require a short term focus rather than year long.

Without further ado (#fitblog is calling) here are the five things I want to focus on in February:

1. Drink 4 full bottles of water a day. (I have a 24 oz camelback.) My schedule isn’t the most conducive to drinking water steadily through the day. (Ever had to hold it in while teaching 20+ 6-8 graders?)

2. Push myself 100% in my workouts. I’ve realized lately that I’ve been giving myself a pass if I just go to the gym and check it off. Did this yesterday for my core workout and for the first time ever have DOMS with a workout on my own (no trainer or group class instructor to motivate me).

3. Blog at least 3 times per week. I want to make this a habit and the only way to do this is to carve out the time regardless of how much else is going on. I can take at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to craft a post.

4. Comment on at least 2 posts a day. I am a perennial blog “stalker”. I love reading posts and sometimes think of things I want to say. Then I tell myself that “I don’t have time” to do that.

5. Finish work right away. I’ve tried this before but then Christmas break and “Snow Break” interrupted my habit forming. Last week didn’t help either. I worked so late at school that by the time I made it home I was burned out and didn’t feel like taking my stuff upstairs and working. I want to change that.

Here’s to February!



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4 responses to “February Five

  1. I know what you mean!!! I have to go between every single class!! And it’s only a 5 minute break!

  2. I love your additional goals…they’re good ones!

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