Hi. My name is Jeni and I snack a lot.

Today marked day 2 of the #7dayvegan challenge and I have to say that I think it went so much better than yesterday.

I intended to take pictures of the food I ate today to make a “day in the life of” post but I realized after I got to school and took a few pictures that I forgot to take a pic of breakfast. Then the rest of the day unfolded and I kept forgetting. Oh well. I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be a food blogger. 😀

So, back to the snacks:

This is for one day of work. 😀 I like to nibble. I’m working on making sure all of it is healthy. I think today qualifies.

In the snack drawer:

dried mangos (delicious but a little too sweet for my tastes), baby carrots, one rice cake sandwich with pb (didn’t check the ingredients on the rice cake…hope it’s vegan), 2 small honeycrisp apples (I am very sad when Trader Joe’s does not have these) a fiberful bar (the fruit and veggie…didn’t think I would get it again but now it’s my favorite!) and a lemon zest LUNA bar. Can I just take a moment and profess my love for this delicious bar. It tastes like those lemon creme cookies I loved as a kid!

On the evening front things went very well. I had a meeting and didn’t get home until 6:20. The whole way home I debated whether or not to work out. I knew the only reason was lack of motivation so when I got home I refueled with a soy ice cream sandwich (delicious!) and then tweeted “I will do a tempo run. I will do a tempo run. I will do a tempo run.” Once it was out there in cyberspace I had to do it and I rocked it! I’m so glad I did!

Then I ate a supper of a cinnamon raisin British muffin from TJ’s with pb and some oatmeal with craisins. I thought when I first started eating that I would eat and then have some chocolate almond ice cream. When I finished I waited and by the time I got up I wasn’t hungry any more. Score!



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2 responses to “Hi. My name is Jeni and I snack a lot.

  1. Laura

    Just a heads up – the chocolate almond ice cream kinda sucks. Stick with the soy ice cream sandwiches or the cherry chocolate chip stuff. (But leave me some!)

  2. Strangely enough I like the chocolate almond. Weird huh?

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