To Run or Not to Run (Day 3 of 7 day vegan)

Well, for the past couple days I’ve had a nagging cough that got a little worse yesterday in school. My throat started to hurt a little too. This morning I woke up around 4 and boy did my throat hurt. I was so disappointed but myself thinking that I would take a sick day, rest up and hopefully be able to run on Saturday.

Honestly, I probably could have gone to work today. I don’t take sick days lightly. It used to be that I had to be at a point where it was hard to get out of bed before I took a sick day. My priorities have changed. I want to run on Saturday more than I want to make myself endure 8-9 hours talking all day to a bunch of middle school students and get even more exhausted.

This has been my “office” for the day. I even took a noontime nap. I never do that. (When I told my sister about my “symptoms” she said I’m probably just exhausted because that’s happened to her too. I don’t doubt her.)

Then comes my training plan.

I’m scheduled to do my last run before the half today.

Two miles, only 2 measly miles. I can do that right? I can do that and still be okay? I should do that. I’ve skipped too many workouts already. Look right about that! I didn’t workout last Wednesday due to a meeting. I’ve skipped too many workouts this training plain. (Yeah. I know I said that already.) I don’t even have to go anywhere. I can just hop on the treadmill.

Those were the thoughts going through my head. But I did it. I said no. Today needs to be a complete rest day.

It was very, very hard to say no but I know that’s what’s best for my body. It’s tough getting used to this whole listening to the body idea.

Today has been remarkably easy on the #7dayvegan front except for the thick warm hot chocolate cravings. I don’t think almond milk would taste the same.

I also tried a new snack bar today LUNA’s peanut butter cookie. Delicious. I still like the Lemon Zest the best. I think I might have to bribe myself with it in the future.


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