Trouble Truffles (Day 4 of 7 day vegan)

I nearly named this “Thursday’s Trouble Truffles” just for kicks but then I decided against it.

This morning I go this in my box at school from my secret pal. (I think I have the best secret pal in the school.)

I immediately opened google to check the ingredients. Not vegan. Of course. I set the truffles in my desk. It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t think about them again. That’s why I’ve named them Trouble Truffles. I don’t even know if I like them.

I will have one of those Trouble Truffles tomorrow though. Yes, on day 5 of 7 day vegan. Here’s the deal. Some time tomorrow morning, Mom, Laura and I will load up the car and drive down to Hilton Head Island for my second half marathon.

I am beyond excited for this. (I would be lying if I omitted that a good portion of the excitement comes from the fact that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.) I’m thrilled that I feel almost normal. While my throat still hurt a little bit all day it doesn’t now.

Before I get too off track I’ll get back to the vegan thing. I knew when I started this week that I had this trip coming up. I was unsure of how I would veganize the pre-race meal and post-race meal. I forgot about my half protein bar mid-race fuel up.

Here’s what I decided. I will not stick to a strict vegan diet tomorrow and Saturday. I will focus on vegan options when possible but I will not limit myself when it comes to the pre-race and post-race meal. I will also have my 1/2 protein bar during the race.

I have not decided if I will return to a completely vegan diet on Sunday or not. I will write a “what I’ve learned” post on Sunday.

Here’s to my first destination race! May it be the first of many!


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