Friday Four

I clearly have to figure out this whole blogging thing. I follow up a week of daily blogging with a week of…well…Monday/Friday blogging. One of these days I’ll get it figured out. 😀

Here’s a few things I’m loving right now:

1. When I get to see these girls every day I love being a teacher. I just wish I got to teach them all the time!

2. My new shoes! For the first time ever I went to a running store and got fitted for shoes. I was the first one in the area to try on the Nike LunarFly. I love them!

3. Trader Joe’s. I think I have to say this every week. This week I managed to keep my spur of the moment purchases to one: country potatoes and mushrooms. I thought about buying a few other things though…maybe next time.

4. The cazbah restaurant. I purchased my first living social deal to a downtown restaurant I had never heard of. Dad and I went tonight for our February restaurant. I tried to take photos but they all turned out like this:

I could definitely see more on my camera. The food was amazing though. The cazbah restaurant is a wine and tapas restaurant so Dad and I split the following: black and white hummus (black bean and chick pea hummus), the frommage (a cheese, cracker and fruit platter), baked brie in a puff pastry with fruit and crackers (oh my word amazing!), fried mozzarella ravioli (disappointing cheese stick wannabes), lobster cigars (their signature dish) and duck (Dad’s favorite). Then for dessert we had the Razzleberry puff (more brie in puff pastry with raspberry drizzled on top and set on a bed of brown sugar sauce). Best dessert ever.

Oh…before the meal we stopped by a gelatto shop and had a pre-meal dessert.

Best gelatto ever: I forget the name but it tasted like vanilla with just the absolute slightest hint of coffee.

I’m off to bed and more than ready to start a 3 day weekend!


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One response to “Friday Four

  1. eric wood

    This was a fantastic meal. You made a great choice.

    You realize we may have to start having our pre-dinner gellato or yogurt all the time now. It feels like it is becoming a tradition…:D

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