Have you hugged yourself today?

I have thoroughly enjoyed this day off. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the day because I have no other day off until spring break in late April.

I also meant to post this early this morning but I enjoyed my day too much. đŸ˜€

I went out for my first run this morning. My first run since the second half marathon. My first run of the new training plan. My first run in my new NIke Lunarfly 2 tennis shoes.

I had a great run. I wore my garmin but just to look at the stats afterwards.

The run wasn’t perfect. I stopped after 2 miles and walked for just a little before I headed back. I also had to deal with a twinge on the right side of my foot. Last Sunday-early Tuesday it was really bad. I’m not sure what it is but I hope that whatever it is heals soon. I have hope though. A few minutes after I got back it didn’t hurt any longer.

I nearly named this post “Cue the Heart Attack” because I honestly thought I would have to run away from a dog. With less than a mile left on the run I heard a shuffling noise behind me. That noise turned out to be a pit bull racing across the street to right behind me. I nearly flipped out and couldn’t stop looking behind me until a quarter of a mile later.

Second to nearly getting run over by a car a few months back, that had to be one of the scariest moments ever on a run.

Then I came home and showered. For some reason I decided to give myself a hug. I didn’t stop for nearly 30 seconds. It felt so good. So, I’ll ask again. Have you hugged yourself today?



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3 responses to “Have you hugged yourself today?

  1. eric

    Now, a pit bull chasing me would motivate even me to run…:D

  2. Susan

    Glad you hugged yourself…I would have hugged you too if I’d known you had to outrun a pit bull!

  3. It didn’t actually chase m. That’s the weird thing. It just sprinted across te street.

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