Mix and Match

Yesterday I banged out a killer workout at the gym.

This week I started training for my third half marathon. It’s a really quick turn around so I’m banking on my previous training as well as sticking with everything I have on my plan this time.

So far I have stuck with the plan: pump on Sunday, 4 easy miles on Monday, yoga on Tuesday and then today.

On my training plan I had 4 miles of speedwork (intervals) scheduled. I also really wanted to squeeze in the Upper Body class at the gym for another day of strength training. I’ve wanted to go to that class for so long and I determined to make it happen today.

After a meeting at school I cleaned up my things, finished reading a few blogs and rushed to the gym. I didn’t have time for the whole run before 5:30 but I wanted to get in as much as possible before hand. I changed in the car on the way. (I don’t do this often. I promise.) Then I hopped on the treadmill and pounded out 1.5 miles. Have I mentioned how much I love my new Nike LunarFly 2 tennis shoes? Good shoes make all the difference!

When I got into the room for the Upper Body class I fended for myself. Thankfully, I’ve been to pump so I knew what materials to bring over. I kind of wondered where to set up though. Six people had already set up on the left side of the room. Only one person had set up on the right. I chose the middle.

Wow. What a class. The instructor did not stop moving from 5:30 until 5:59. I have never been in a class that fast paced and I loved it. I am such a wimp when it comes to upper body strength. I will definitely attend this class again.

The thought crossed my mind only one time about giving up on the rest of the run. I laughed it off. After putting my things away, I grabbed my ipod from my locker and got back on that treadmill. I loved every minute of that remaining 2.5 miles and felt so strong! I love my Nike LunarFly 2 tennis shoes. Have I…You know the drill.

I know I promised more pictures but I forgot to bring my camera in the gym with me. I’m working on it. 😀



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3 responses to “Mix and Match

  1. “4 easy miles” It’s funny to me to hear running 4 miles described as “easy”, but then again, you’re running half marathons like their going out of style…:D

    Proud of you kiddo!

  2. just came across your blog and i love it 🙂 so cute! wow banged out a *easy 4 miles( be serious ha- i wish i could even just ONE mile but then again you are running half marathons like no ones buisness 🙂 good for you! xo

  3. dad, you mean “they’re” right?

    Welcome Cait! A year ago i never would have imagined that 4 miles would be easy. You can do it!

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