Saturday Stuff

So, I missed posting yesterday. One of these days I will get into a regular habit with posting. I had intended to write  “Friday Favorites” post.

Since it is now obviously Saturday, almost Sunday, I had to come up with an “S” alliteration for a random compilation of facts/things I’m thinking of.

I pulled up, sure I would stumble across something. I found “slapdash” and “supercilious” in the synonym section for “random”. I followed up with the definitions but ended up with “hasty and careless” and “haughtily disdainful and contemptuous”. Not exactly what I was looking for.

So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and loving.

1. My 6th period. Hands down, one of my favorite classes to teach ever. Case in point, this boy.

I handed students pictures cut from magazine to use to practice their vocabulary. Another student mentioned a similarity in looks so student #1 put the picture on his face and used his glasses to anchor the picture. I burst out laughing when I turned to see this.

2. Savory pancakes. If you remember back to the beach week just before Christmas I’m sure this love will be nothing new. Recently I decided to make use of the materials we hand on hand before buying something new so, I bought a bag of sweet potatoes from Trader Joe’s (10+ small sweet potatoes for only $3) and whipped up a quadruple batch so I would have some for lunch.

I topped the pancakes with black beans and some leftover sugar free syrup. Best lunches ever! I plan to make more for next week. (Although, I just realized that we’re out of syrup. I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow.)

3. Running

Today I completed week 1 of my 7 week training for half marathon #3 with an 8 mile run.

I loved the run today! I feel so much stronger and more like an actual runner each time I run. I am a runner! I’m not just someone trying to run. I’m not someone just figuring out if I could run long distances. I am a runner who has 2 half marathons under her belt, both under 2 hours and the second one faster than the first!

My pace today was just 2 seconds slower than half marathon #2 pace. 9:08. All my training runs for half #2 have hovered around 9:26/9:30.

I love running. I love training. I love feeling fit. I love not feeling guilty about what I eat. (I’m still working on that one. Post to come later.)

Through the physical steps of running God is teaching me so much in this journey of life. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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