February Monthly Goals Recap

I am so excited that another month has passed. Seriously. I am so ready to be done. Especially after my administrator emailed me because the administration had received complaints from students about me going through students things and taking things. Yeah, how about asking me first before contacting all the administrators, rather than taking the word of students who may or may not like me.

Anyhoo…enough of that. I will make Mondays positive. I promise.

How about a little self-refleciton?

1. Drink 4 full bottles of water a day. A+ I have totally been rocking this one. (Exactly what I said last time because it’s true!)

2. Push myself 100% in my workouts. For the month I would give myself a solid B. Week 1 I did not push as much. Week 2 was a taper week before the half (which I rocked!). Week 3 was recovery and lack of time to work out some days. Week 4=awesome! I followed through with every day on my training plan plus I parked as far away as I could at Costco and Trader Joe’s to get a little extra walking in on my rest day.

3. Blog at least 3 times per week. I would give myself a B+ on this one. A B+ because a couple weeks I posted only twice. On the other hand blogging has become more internal, something I want to do. I consider that a big win.

4. Comment on at least 2 posts a day. Again, I would give myself a B+. There are times where it comes naturally and times where it doesn’t. I think I commented twice a day but I honestly didn’t keep track so I’m not sure.

5. Finish work right away. This has definitely been a learning experience for me. Honestly, I’m still figuring out a habit for this one. In January it sort of worked to leave as soon as possible from school and do as much as possible at home. Then it didn’t work. I spent a couple weeks in limbo, not sure what would work. Now it seems like it’s working to finish as much as possible, work out, come home and veg. I’m not sure what where I’ll go from here but I look forward to seeing where it is.


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  1. eric

    Proud of you Kiddo and still praying

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