March Madness

It’s only March 1st and already the month looks crazy. Here’s what’s on my plate so far: 3 races

Reedy River 10k
Moonlight and Magnolias 5k
Botany Woods 5k

No school holidays šŸ˜¦

Plenty of challenges:

1/2 Marathon training
100 days of movement
another challenge from Morgan (details forth coming)

After looking at all that I wondered if I should post my own goals for March. I decided, yes. Most of my goals overlap with the craziness already.

Without further ado…the goals are:

1. Drink 4 water bottles a day. Yes, this is a recycled goal. I want to make sure that it’s a habit though. Another month should do it.

2. Complete every scheduled day of training. While training for half mary #2Ā I let myself slack on the training. I think the flat course helped me PR. I won’t have that benefit for half mary #3. I’ve heard that it’s pretty hilly. The only way I’ll give myself a pass on this one is if I absolutely have no time or (I hope not) injured.

3. Eat a salad once a week. I have long admired salads, from a distance. I want to become more adept at making (and thus eating) salads. Since I have this goal now I won’t let another bag of spinach go bad without even opening it.

4. Blog 3 times a week. This goal is also recycled. Blogging has not yet become a habit. I want to make it a habit and start planning my posts so that I don’t end up at the end of the week having to scrounge for topics.

5. Comment at least 3 times a day. I’m upping the ante on this one. I’m a terrible blog stalker and old habits are hard to break. (I definitely made my goal today. I think I may have commented on 30 15 or 16 posts today.)

Here’s to a hopefully wonderful month!



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6 responses to “March Madness

  1. Katie

    You can soo do it! Especially the salad, they aren’t too terribly bad with the right dressing. Keenan and I eat approx. 6 cups of spring greens (each) a day.

    Looking forward to hearing how the runs go!

  2. Those 5 and 10k’s are really going to help with the half.. Follow your training and you should have a great race!


  3. I love your goal to comment on blogs and then saw your comment on my blog! I really do appreciate you reading…and I hope I can bring you some great salad ideas. The newest one will be posted tomorrow. My idea of a great salad…start with greens and top with all the leftovers in the fridge! You can’t go wrong!

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