I am a runner!

I may have already run 2 half marathons, an 8k and nearly 10 5ks but I ran those in the mindset of an aspiring runner, someone who wanted to be a runner.

Today I became a runner.

What brought on this momentous change? A race, and a little water.

Today I ran the Reedy River Run 10k in downtown Greenville. As I drove to the race found myself severely disappointed with the weatherman who predicted 40% chance of rain. I’d say he was a bit off in the percentage. I’ve never run a race in the rain but not once did I think about chickening out and just going back home.

After dropping off my jacket, phone and camera with my cousin who was monitoring the race I headed back up to the start. I almost triple guessed my shirt choice. (My preference would have been the short sleeve tech T from the race but poor planning led to only X-large remaining when I picked up my packet.) I saw only two other people in sleeveless but by the end of the race I knew I made the right choice.

One minute before the gun went off it started to drizzle. The rain went in and out for the beginning of the race but came down pretty steadily for the last half. I loved it! I didn’t think I would but I did. I fell into a comfortable pace and managed to knock out 53:28 for my first ever 10k.

Here are the splits
Mile 1–8:12
Mile 2–8:40
Mile 3–8:34
Mile 4–8:42
Mile 5–8:46
Mile 6–8:38
.2 nubbin–7:53

I crossed the beautiful Liberty Bridge and found my cousin standing on a planter directing the runners to the refreshments. I grabbed a delicious apple, scone and bottled water before dodging runners to get back for some pictures.

Of course, I’m a sweaty wet mess but she’s nice and dry because she had an umbrella.

I loved every second of that race. I think 10ks are my favorite distance yet. I even managed to take a picture of myself in all my post race “glory”.

So here’s my declaration. I am no longer a “wanna-be” runner.

I am a runner.



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2 responses to “I am a runner!

  1. Welcome to the club. You are going to be very happy here 😉

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