Just checking in

I can’t believe that one week has passed alreday in March. It’s quite a relief that time is passsing quickly, just when I need it to. It doesn’t often do that.

With the one week mark comes the one week check up on goals

1. Drink 4 water bottles a day. I’d say this one is a smashing success. On Sunday when I didn’t get a bottle in at breakfast time I kept thinking about other ways to get my water in so I could meet this goal.

2. Complete every scheduled day of training. I am loving this training cycle. (See yesterday’s post for a quick recap of my awesome 5 miler). Even when shepherding group prevented me from completing my tempo run I made sure I had enough time to squeeze it in on Friday. (normally a rest day) 2 full weeks of training, 100% complete.

3. Eat a salad once a week. I tried to order a salad last Friday at the Green Room but they drenched the salad in dressing even though I asked for no dressing. It’s the thought that counts. Then I realized that my “weeks” in March are Tuesday to Tuesday. I definitely fulfilled this goal with yesterday’s salad beast. I was so full after I’m definitely making this a regular habit.

4. Blog 3 times a week. I give myself an A+ on this one. I’m already starting to pre-plan my posts and I definitely got in 3 last week. Who knows? Maybe sometime soon I’ll post daily or almost daily.

5. Comment at least 3 times a day. I barely squeaked by on this one, not because of weekdays, but because of weekends. My schedule is so different on the weekends that I barely remember to comment. I squeezed it in though. April’s goal might have something to do with the number of comments made on the weekend.

So far March has been a fantastic month! I look forward to completely these goals for a full month. (and getting that much closer to Spring Break. :D)


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