What’s for supper?

A dead camera battery foiled my attempts to take pictures of my (lack of) supper options. I’m working on getting photos in. I promise.

When I get home every night, usually after working out, I stare into the pantry and fridge trying to figure out what to eat for supper.

You see, when it comes to creating meal ideas, I struggle. I may love to cook and read about other people’s food but I have no originality.

The usual suspects? Leftover oatmeal, (I make 3 servings worth in the morning), cereal, popcorn + bread with toast and/or anything else I can scrounge together. This makes supper time not so much fun.

Any suggestions?

No really. I have no idea what staples I should have on hand for something like this. I suppose I could make batch meals ahead of time but I already make batch lunches.

I really would appreciate any ideas for fairly quick, nutritious dinners. (I am okay with preparation ahead of time.)



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3 responses to “What’s for supper?

  1. There are so many good pasta sauces that are premade. Try buying a pack of good sausage and freezing them individually. Do the same with chicken breasts, or buy grilled strips at Aldi’s in a bag. Try vodka sauce (it’s a creamy red pasta sauce) with penne and slices of sausage, or a good Alfredo sauce with some grilled chicken and steamed vegetables (just put a little from a frozen bag in a bit of water with some chicken buillion, it keeps forever). If you have small portions of ground beef or turkey, boneless chicken, and other meats frozen individually you can just add them to pasta or make a side of rice or potatoes and veggies or a salad. Have your favorite salad dressing and some shredded parmesan on hand with a bag of salad mix. Not sure what you like, but there are a lot of nice frozen meals – gotta be better than oatmeal again. :^)

  2. Katie

    Tried quinoa last night for the first time and it was amazing, and only took 1/2 an hour (kindof cooks like rice?).

    Anyway – you could add precooked chicken in, throw a SALAD (ha!) with it and have a complete meal.

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