Things I’m loving

I feel extremely thankful today and want to share the love.

1. My third period. 

Not only do these kids make up my best class ever (not an exaggeration) but they put up with me and followed my directions today when right as the bell rang I got cramps so severe I wrote up sub plans for teh rest of the day. (God calmed them nearly at the end of the period and I made it through the day.)

2. My dad.

remember him?

When I got into my car in the Costco parking lot I stuck the key in the ignition and the battery farted, or something like that. I got nothing. I called him and he said he would come! So I stood outside the car to wait. A few minutes later I decided to check to see if it really was the battery. The car started! What’s up with that? The great thing was that when I called Dad back he wasn’t put out at all!

3. These ladies: 

Thanks to a coupon I scrounged in the teacher workroom, Mom, Laura and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Ruby Tuesday. (I even had a salad to start!)

4. March Madness. Hey, when I predict an upset like Morehead state without any real knowledge of college basketball I must be doing something right.


You can’t predict them all though. 😀

Thing(s) I’m not loving:

  • my left knee (I took a picture but it just looked strange.) On Sunday when I ran down the hill with my kidstuff girls I felt a slight twinge in the left knee. Then I felt it again Monday after my 4.5 mile run and again tonight after my 3 mile tempo. I am not excited about this. I have an 11 mile long run in the morning. I’m going to take it easy and see where it goes from here. (I have 2 5ks next weekend!)

It’s a good day when the “loves” out number the “no loves”. I’ll take that any day.


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