Facing My Fears

Today I ran, the first time since the long run that wasn’t on Saturday. Was I scared? Most definitely. I was scared that the rest, yoga and knee sleeve wouldn’t work and that I would have to pull out of the 5ks I’m running this weekend or walk them. (I don’t think I would have pulled out.)

I couldn’t wait to run yet I was so nervous to start out.

Was the run the best? No. I faced the worst winds I’ve ever run in (at least on the way out). The temperatures were almost 80 degrees. My legs felt heavy and tough. I had the knee sleeve on inside out. (I noticed when I took it off. :D)

Did I hate it? Absolutely not! I loved every second of it! I loved the fact that I could complete the run with no pain in my knee. I loved that my “injury” will not keep me sidelined.

Speaking of fears, I couldn’t attend last night’s fitblog so I’ll recap my answers to the questions here.

Q1. What activity would you try, if you had no chance of failure?

This is a hard one. I think I would have to say triathlon. I really can’t swim, not with good form anyway. So the idea of swimming in open water, in a competition scares me to death. Now that I’ve said it though I think I want to do it.

Q2. What do you think holds you back from losing weight, doing a race, etc?

The thing that’s held me back is doubt. If I’ve never done it before I always wonder if I’m able and the slightest problem makes me doubt if I’m able to complete the task. I held off registering for my first half marathon until 5 days before the price went up.

Q3. What fear(s) have you had to overcome in the past year? What helped you?

One of my biggest fears is trying new things. I decided to make this year the year of yes, aka try new things. With God’s help I am doing things I never thought possible, like flying to London all by myself!

Q4. Fill in the blank: “This year I plan to _____, even though it scares me.”

“This year I plan to run a marathon, even though it scares me.” I’ve never run those kinds of distances before and of course I don’t know if I can do it. At the same time though I want to bust out a Boston qualifying time. We’ll see how this goes.



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2 responses to “Facing My Fears

  1. eric

    I am proud of all you are doing this year and am glad that your feeling better.


  2. Yay for facing fears!! It’ll pay off in the long run 🙂

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