Moonlight and Magnolias 5k recap

Today has been an interesting day, to say the least. I dealt with the most immature class I’ve ever had to deal with after a few headaches on the drive in. Then God gave me grace to complete the rest of the day with a smile on my face. I am very thankful!

Finally it was time for my first evening 5k road race. (I’ve run one other night 5k but it was trail.)

As soon as I picked up my packet yesterday I was super excited about the race, all because of the shirt, a women’s fit tech T.

So I headed over to Dad’s apartment and he drove me to the race.

We had to wait around a while for the start, which was delayed because of a lot of last minute registration.

waiting for the start

Finally we were off and I felt great. My knee didn’t hurt one bit and the knee sleeve didn’t feel awkward. (Probably because I had it on right side out this time.) In the first .25 mile though I got this really painful stitch in my side just under my ribs but it went away soon.

Mile 1 split–7:50, not bad at all. I felt good and hoped I could keep it up. (Definite PR at that pace)

Mile 2 felt pretty good too and I passed that marker almost exactly at 16:00.

Mile 3 didn’t feel so good. For some reason I hit a wall, again. I even walked for a few steps, probably around 2.5 but mentally slapped myself and got running again.

This is when I wish I would have had my garmin to tell me my pace and how much time I had left before the PR flew out the window and how much distance I had left. I don’t know what the Mile 3 split was but the last 1.1 miles I ran in 9:15, significantly slower.

Yeah, I didn’t PR. When I came around the corner I started to get excited.

that's me back by the orange cones

The seconds on the split clock just approached :30 and I thought I would PR for sure until I saw that it said 25 for the minutes.

I’m so competitive, I drive myself nuts. I’m definitely going to push myself harder tomorrow.

I hung around first to see one of my students finish.

I found out today in class that she was going to run this race and we both thought it was pretty cool. (Though I heard one of her soccer teammates ask “Why did she want to take a picture with you?”)

While waiting I ate two medium granny smith apples and laughed at a soccer playing statue.

kid or midget?

Then after a lot of waiting, technical snafus and some random prize drawings the age groups were announced. I thought at first that I didn’t get it because he said 25:15 and I thought I got 25:30something but then he said my name! I may not have PR’d but I got first in my age group. 😀 Bum prize though.

So not going to use that bag, the handles are on the side. At least I got bragging rights though.

Here’s to tomorrow and maybe a PR.


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One response to “Moonlight and Magnolias 5k recap

  1. eric

    Awesome race! Funny awards ceremony and a good time with my daughter, made for a good way to spend the evening.

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