Getting Back on the Horse

You know that 11 miler I had to cut short 2 weeks ago? I put it back on the calendar for today and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was nervous, extremely nervous actually.

I set out this morning just before 9 with my route pre-planned. (My garmin is currently back at the factory and I won’t get it back before my third half next week. 😦 )

Within the first half mile I started to panic. I was sure that my knee was starting to hurt just like it did on my first attempt at 11 miles 2 weeks ago. I kept going though and the pain, which must have been all in my head, went away.

I don’t have any data for my run. The nerd in me cried a little. I’m pretty sure that the run was slower than I would like but I don’t care.

I took a few breaks, one to eat my 1/2 protein bar, and the other to buy gatorade and guzzle it down. I’m not sure that was the wisest idea but I didn’t feel incredibly better (very hydrated though) and didn’t feel incredibly worse. I really wanted to recycle my bottle and hated having to throw it away. (I didn’t want to carry it for 4 more miles.) God gave me the opportunity to recycle one anyway.

I found it laying on the ground a few feet from my car. 😀

On another not, April’s goals will be posted tomorrow because last night I was having too much fun with my kidstuff girls at their reward party. (PS…I turn into a 10 year old girl when I’m around them.)

We celebrated with pizza, chips, and ice cream. (Well, they had the ice cream. I refrained.)

sprinkles anyone?

(pardon the blur…I forgot to tell Mom that the flash wasn’t on)

Now I have to get back to work and hopefully knock everything out quickly so I can relax this evening.


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