Triple Tangent Tuesday

Thanks the wonderfully awesome Janae I have a way to organize my random thoughts for the day into a coherent post.

1. I had my final consensus meeting for ADEPT. I didn’t pass. I’m okay with that. I felt remarkably okay with the whole meeting, even though I got pulled out of a class at the last minute to sit in the meeting. I felt okay even though people keep telling me I have to develop a relationship with the kids so they’ll listen to me. Basically, I’m okay with the criticism.

It’s not me that makes me okay. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. One of the things mentioned was that I was very negative and antagonistic when told to change things. Is that true? Yes. I’ve expressed before how much I disagree philosophically with what I was told to do. Did it help me in the long run to try to tell someone who wouldn’t listen? No. After I realized that I backed off. I prayed and asked God to help me be okay with it all. My ADEPT leader even noticed that today. I had to give thanks to God.

For me this is definitely confirmation that God is directing my steps and has helped me make the right decision with my life.

2. I tried diet Dr. Wham today. (Told you this was random.)

I saw it in the vending machine at work but had to wait until today because it was all out for weeks. Did I like it? Meh… I think I’ll stick to more natural stuff.

3. I think my body realizes when my next half marathon waits at the end of the week.

My gut decided to cramp up on my about an hour and a half after lunch. After a little while it felt better so I had an apple. No problem. Then after school I had a rice cake with pb and it came back with a vengeance. 😦 So, no yoga tonight but I’m feeling better.

Oh wait…Triple Tangent Tuesday is for sharing random tidbits. 😀

1. I’m 1/4 Armenian and proud of it! Armenians rock! (just don’t hold the Khardashians against us)

2. I used to count my steps and how many times I chewed something. Everything had to be even. (Okay, I still like even numbers and especially multiples of 4 but I don’t count anything anymore.)

3. I own over 300 books. My bedroom doubles as a library. 😀

Your turn! What are some tangents about you?



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5 responses to “Triple Tangent Tuesday

  1. Kathleen

    2. Don’t count Cher against us either!:)

  2. You just made my night!

  3. eric

    So, we won’t hold Dr. Kevorkian either. You o get to claim Andre Agassi, Steve Jobs and even Princess Di (1/64th). 😀

  4. haha I LOVE The kardashians! Thats awesome that you are part Armenian! ummmm totally had to google “ADEPT”… the hardest part about being a teacher is getting criticism/graded like that. NOT fun! hope the rest of your week is better!

  5. Heh…I like the Khardashians too. 🙂 I have some one to point out when people say “what’s Armenian?”
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

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