Long Day Joys

Today was a long day, a long, heavy day.  I felt lower as the late afternoon dragged by so that by the time I got in my car I couldn’t imagine how I would get through the next 30 or so school days.

God, however, had other ideas. I plugged my ipod in and blasted Amazing Grace. God definitely gifted John Newton. God’s grace really is amazing.

So, there’s 3 things that made my evening

The package I got on my doorstep yesterday…

My loot from Skinnyrunner!

Here’s a closer look: 

What I’m most excited about here? The Gu sampler. I am such a cheapsake but I really need to find something that works just as well on my long runs as the protein bar.

2. My run

For the first time in 2 days my gut didn’t hate me this afternoon. As I drove home, music blasting, windows down, I knew I had to run outside and just not care about the mileage. (That’s what sending a Garmin in for repair will make you do.)

I wish I could have taken a picture of the amazing weather or how simply awesome the run felt. I ran around my subdivision and came back to the house. When I got back I noticed thing #3, a small package sitting on the front porch. At first I thought it was another piece of my giveaway but no…

3. It was…

My garmin!

When I read the email that it would take 10-14 business days from the time they received the unit for me to get it back, I completely wrote off having the Garmin for my 3rd half marathon on Saturday. I definitely did a little happy dance when it turned on with out a problem!

So, what gave you joy today?


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One response to “Long Day Joys

  1. Susan

    What gave me joy today? Reading your post! 🙂

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