Greer Half Marathon Recap

Half marathon #3 is in the books.

Today was the earliest I’ve ever had to wake up for a race and I was definitely nervous, nothing unusual though. Normal pre-race jitters

Mom walked with me to the start.

I always start off too fast. Mile 1 was my fastest mile out of the 13–8:28.

I figured out that for me Miles 1-2 feel great. I feel like I can conquer the world. Then comes miles 3-4. I always want to quit at this point. I usually get a second wind around miles 5-6. The last half of the race has no pattern for me. (at least right now.)

To say this was a tough race would be an understatement. Check out the elevation chart at the bottom of the garmin screen.

This was also the warmest race I’ve ever run, 60 degrees at 7:30AM! I’ve mentioned before that I do not run well in the heat. (Hopefully training this summer will help me get over this.)

I struggled towards the end and took several walking breaks as evidenced in my splits below.

Mile 1–8:28
Mile 2–8:50
Mile 3–8:56
Mile 4–9:20
Mile 5–9:20
Mile 6–9:20 (settled into a groove here)
Mile 7–9:16
MIle 8–10:04 (ate the protein bar)
Mile 9–9:36
Mile 10–9:35
MIle 11–10:38 (really started to struggle here)
Mile 12–10:54 (two walking breaks)
Mile 13–9:11 (the best songs to finish with ever! Perfect by Pink and Amazing Grace!)

I don’t have accurate splits for the .1 nubbin because I forgot to turn my garmin off for 10 minutes after the race! Yeah, that totally messed up my average pace too. 😀

At around mile 10 I know I would not manage a sub 2 hour time so I aimed for 2:04 and got it! My official time was 2:03:45!!!! Not too shabby considering the conditions.

Here I am coming down to the finish.

I'm behind the guy in white

and here’s me looking like death at the finish.

Attractive huh?

Check out the finisher’s medals! Handmade ceramic medals!

The finish was at the absolutely beautiful Greer City Park. This place is so close to my house yet I’ve never actually been in the park before today. Check out the magnificent fountain!

oh and me too.

When all’s said and done I’m so glad I ran this race. I definitely learned a lot from this race. (Hopefully I’ll share some of those lessons in the days to come.) It did take a lot out of me though. It took me about 2.5 hours before I got back to work, then I just felt so tired. (That’s what the heat will do.)

So, how was your Saturday?



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4 responses to “Greer Half Marathon Recap

  1. Great splits!! I’m glad you had a great race…I did a half marathon today, too, and selfishly, I’m glad to ready about someone ELSE’S experience!

  2. Congratulations!! Running in heat is really tough. But great job finishing strong despite the heat and the hills!!

    Those handmade medals are really neat.

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