April Aspirations Revisited

April has been an interesting month to say the least but at least I have the prospect Spring Break coming up in 5 days.

How have I done so far on the goals?

1. Watch less TV.

This one has been hard. I’ll give myself a B for effort because there were a couple times that I managed to turn the TV off, including today so that I could finish a book.

2. Attend at least 4 new (to me) classes at the gym. Haven’t done this yet; tapered for the half instead


3. Journal daily.

I’d give myself a big fat A(!) on this one. On days when I normally would have forgotten or put it off, I pulled out the journal and wrote.

4. Read more.

I waited to do this entry until after I had finished a book so I could give myself an A. I finished Born to Run about 20 minutes before I wrote this entry. Decent book. (I’m thinking about a semi-regular series of book reviews. Not sure though.)

So far, so good on the goals.

I saw something on a blog that I thought I would add to this week.

I noticed after my first half marathon that my fitness schedule kind of went down the drain. Until I started training for half marathon #2 my workouts were a bit aimless. I didn’t have the same results after half #2 because I jumped right into training for half #3.

While I’m pretty sure that my body doesn’t like the go, go, go mentality I’ve put it through with back to back trainings I don’t want to lose my endurance or knock down my mileage.

With a race every weekend until the end of May I’m going to have to get creative. A plan is definitely necessary.

Sun: rest
Mon: easy run–3 miles
Tue: yoga and pushups (maybe some strength training)
Wed: easy run–3 miles
Thu: strength training (either on my own or pump at the gym)
Fri: 5k (race)
Sat: 5k (yup 2 in a row…all part of my plan to get 26 races by my 26th birthday)


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