Terrific Triple Tangent Tuesday

My thoughts have been all over the place lately. I’ve struggled to come up with a cohesive theme for a post even though I’ve wanted to post.

Here are just 3 of the random things bouncing around in my head lately.

1. My pipes

To say this challenge has been hard would be an understatement. For week 3, completed Sunday, I had to drop down to the first column. I may not get to 100 in 3 weeks (highly doubtful since my highest right now is 13) but I will complete this challenge. Considering how much I hate pushups, that’s saying a lot.

2. Random injuries

The quality isn’t that great. My mom’s borrowing my camera so I used my cell phone.

Those scratches may not look like much right now but yesterday they looked pretty awful. I can only guess where they came from. Saturday after the half the area felt a little raw but I didn’t think anything of it. Sunday I decided to look in the mirror and got quite a shock. Now they itch like crazy! I wore a shirt with a high neckline today so I wouldn’t have all my students asking about it, again.

3. Running

You might have picked up on the fact that I love to run. I’m a bit crazy about it. Case in point: Starting last weekend I’m running a race (or 2) every weekend until the last weekend in May. When Spring Break comes I’m going to create a page for upcoming races and race recaps.


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