Wings of Hope for Heather 5k Recap

When I woke up (for the 7th time) this morning and saw the rain outside, I was not happy.

my "are you serious?" face

My last 2 race weekend I had the same problem. Thankfully God held back the rain.

I knew after last night’s race that I would not have a PR or anything close. Clemson has its fair share of hills. Look at the hill at the start!

It may not look like much but it was definitely a “fun” way to start. The whole time I ran up I reminded myself that I would get to run down this hill to the finish.

As usual, my first mile was my fastest. (Definitely something I need to work on) Saying that it was my fastest isn’t saying much. At 8:51 it was my only mile under 9 when I normally run miles closer to 8 in 5ks.

Mile 2 featured the steepest hill I have ever attempted in a race before. The race organizers definitely knew what they were doing. At the base of the hill they placed several signs that made me want to run that hill even though my legs rebelled. They named the hill, Heather’s Hill. The hill represented her 13 year battle with Ovarian Cancer. (The race was run in her memory and to race money for cancer research.) After reading that how could I not want to power up that hill? My legs didn’t have the heart though so I, like the other runners before and behind me, slowed to a power walk. Mile 2=9:54.

I loved the out and back course. I knew by sight when I approached the finish line and managed to pull out a 9:02 split. If the course had been the full 3.1 I wouldn’t have been able to finish under 28 though. I’m thankful for the distance. 😀

All put together I loved this race. If they hold it again I would love to run. Last night’s race? Not so much. The organizer’s for this race really cared about the cause, at least that’s how it seems from the effort they put into it.

Like providing food. I may not have had much but last night’s race had water only.

Since I had no where else to be (SPRING BREAK!) I decided to follow the path in the park and look what I found.

the litter makes me sad

Be prepared for more posts and changes to stepping out next week. I have lots planned for all my “extra” time this week. 😀


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