How fit is your fridge?

So, I missed #fitblog chat again last night. I really had no excuse this time, Spring Break and all. To make up for it I decided to answer the questions in a post. I really liked these and needed a post idea. Perfect timing!

Q1) What do you consider healthy eating?
I consider healthy eating something done intuitively. If a person spends hours and hours thinking or obsessing about food, regardless of the caloric content, it’s no longer healthy.
Q2) Do you consider your diet healthy?
For me this is a work in progress. There are many times that I catch myself constantly thinking about what I ate or will eat. At those times I don’t think my diet is healthy. In general though, I make better choices overall about food than when I first started on this journey two and a half years ago.

Q3) What’s your favorite healthy food?
This is a tough one. I think I have to go back to a food that’s been my favorite even before I started on my weight loss (now healthy lifestyle journey). Apples. I have always loved biting into a crisp juicy granny smith apple. I also enjoy honeycrisp but they seem to be out of season now.

Q4) What’s one thing you could do to improve your diet?
One thing I could do to improve my diet would be to curb my snacking. This is not a new change that I need to make. It’s one I’ve been working on for quite a while.
I’m curious to know, what are your answers to any of these questions?

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