Thursday Confessions

It’s been a lazy day around here, a real vacation day. I’ve enjoyed it but I have a few confessions to make. 😀

1. I’ve spent several hours here today.

By several, I mean most of the day. With the exception of meals, showering and walking around the kitchen a bit, I’ve been sitting in that chair. I wasn’t entirely lazy.

While I didn’t cross anything off this particular page, 6 other pages found their way to the recycling bin.


I read and finished this today before getting back to my library books. (you know…the ones with the due date) I confess that I really do like Twilight. Plus, I got to look at the behind the scenes details authors don’t often share. I love that stuff!

3. I bake so I can sample the edges.

Unless it’s muffins, I rarely actually eat whole pieces of anything I bake. Hmm…that could be a problem actually.

In other news, I updated my about me page today!



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3 responses to “Thursday Confessions

  1. eric

    You know that you always have a place to take those baked goods if you have too much left after sampling the edges…:D

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