TRUTH OR DARE: Words Inspiring Action

Lately my schedule has been anything but conducive to participating in #fitblog. I hope that in 5(!) weeks I’ll be able to participate. [Actually, due to travels it will probably be a few weeks after that]
I really love this topic though so I had to make this into a blog post.
Q1) #Truth Are you getting/staying healthy/fit/ for yourself or others?
I’m definitely doing this for me. Something I tell my students all the time is that they are the only person that can control their own behavior. I apply the same thing to my journey to a healthy place.
Q2) #Truth What has inspired you to take “fit” action and why?
Several things inspired me. When I first lost weight back in 2008 the spark was simply how I felt when I sat in the same chair I’m sitting in now. I leaned over and didn’t like the little love handles. I wasn’t significantly overweight. I simply wanted to feel good in my own body. Now that I’m 3 years into this journey and have taken a few steps back my motivation is running. I want to run a marathon. I want to qualify for Boston. I have to get faster to do that. In order to run faster I need to become fitter.

Q3) #Dare Spring Fever! Let’s be motivated not sidetracked! What are you doing to keep on track?
I wrote up a training plan to keep myself motivated in between my third half marathon and first marathon! I started to get aimless in my fitness but now that I have a plan I feel so much more motivated! In addition, I signed up with my dad to participate in a challenge at the gym. I’ll be the first to admit that any kind of points or rewards system makes me giddy. 

Q4) #Dare 3 words that truly describe yourself, what others see, or what you want to be!
Oh this is a hard one.

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