May Motivation

I can’t stay away from alliterations, especially when they fit so perfectly.

This month means a lot to me. This month marks the end of my teaching career and a transition to a whole new stage of life.

In terms of motivation my mind is going many different directions. I have so many things on my plate with regards to school to tie things up. I have to buckle down and book my lodging and some transportation for my London trip. I want to maintain my fitness as well and “maybe” PR in one of my upcoming 5ks.

Keeping that in mind here are my goals for May. (My camera is charging. Thus, no pictures today.)

1. Watch less TV.

While I think I made a little progress in April I really want to turn it up a notch in May. I am so much more productive when my attention is undivided. With everything on the to do list I need all the attention I can get.

2. Read more.

This is another recycled goal but I still have a whole bunch of library books that I want to read before I have to return them.

3. Go to bed right away.

Over Spring Break I started staying up later and that carried over into last week. I know my body functions better on a minimum of 7 hours sleep and that’s all I can manage if I get to bed on time.

4. Make commitments.

So far the only things I have confirmed for my London trip (only a month and 3 days away!) are the flight, a race and 2 nights (free!) lodging. I still have to book transportation in country and lodging. I also have to decide if I’m going to Dublin or not in addition to numerous other important details to resolve before traveling to another continent.

5. Stick to my training plan.

I haven’t started training for my marathon yet but I have written up a training plan to keep myself motivated, fit and prepared for the 4 races I have left in May and my 10k in London! (I also wanted to add a 5th goal because it’s the fifth month. I think I’ve reached the limit though. I won’t have 12 goals in December…I think.)


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  1. Jenni, Email me kif you want me to send you the Fearless book–just send me your address and I’ll get it to you! 🙂 Have a great day!

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