Swamp Rabbit 5k recap–Family Fun

Life has been rather busy lately. Even though I would prefer to blog more regularly I also want to produce quality posts. As the semester winds down to a close I have no idea what to expect.

Now to the topic at hand.

Last night I got to run the Swamp Rabbit 5k for the second time. This time I ran with my cousin. In addition Mom and my aunt decided to walk the race as well. Although the original plan involved me running with two of my cousins but one of them couldn’t make it.

This race is the biggest 5k in the area with over 3,000 participants. Here’s Michael and I before we threaded our way between a few hundred other people.

From here it took us 30 seconds to cross the start line. Mom and my aunt were much farther back. They estimated that it took them 5 minutes to get to the start.

This race may be cheap but it isn’t easy. The first 2 miles are full of long, rolling hills. If I hadn’t been running right along Michael, a 15 year old boy with a lot more energy than me, I definitely would have slowed down on this hills.

Miles 1 and 2 we knocked out in 8:33 and 8:39. This is slower than where I would like my 5k times to be but I went into this run with an open mind so I was okay.

After mile 2 Michael got really thirsty. In his “training” he ran a max of 2 miles so this was a PDR for him. He slowed down just a little so mile 3 took us 9:11 but once he saw the finish line he was able to sprint with me. I had to really push to keep up with him.

celebrating post-race

The only thought on Michael’s mind was water.

I, on the other hand, double fisted some apples. Cool dry fruit always tastes so amazing after a race.

We meandered back up to the finish to wait for Mom and our aunt. Michael and I expected a much longer wait time but it turns out that they ran most of the way. I had the perfect opportunity for a finish line picture but I missed it because of the apple in my hand.

We caught up to them a little later.

They’re troopers too. They carried they’re race t-shirts the entire way. (Side note: Most people who run 5ks don’t need large and x-large shirts. Way to discriminate against people who work and can’t get to the early packet pick-up.)

I had such a good time at this race and can’t wait to run again with Michael, this time on a much flatter course. I nearly jumped for joy when he agreed without hesitation to run Red, White and Blue shoes with me on July 2.


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