Greek for the Night

In the sense of doing new things I headed downtown to the Greek festival with my dad. (In all honesty, he took me when I was little but all I remember is that I went.)

After placing the sticker on my hand we headed back behind the Greek Orthodox Church that hosts the festival passing a huge line of people waiting to get inside for even more food.

While the Gyros and other roasted lamb smelled amazing we stuck with some kind of dough fried in honey, “healthy”; I know.

After a complete circuit we exited the festival and headed to main street to use one of my livingsocial deals. As we talked we ended up detouring to Grille 33. I had a sudden hankering for the best black bean burger I’ve had in my life.

While it was amazing, I think they’ve changed their recipe because it was just “really good”.

Then we walked the length of downtown to end with some free fro-yo (Dad refuses to call it that.)
from the best place in town, Blueberry Frog.

(Pardon the flash. The sun had gone down by the time we bought the fro-yo.)

All in all I had a great night and it was a great end to a pretty crummy day of work.


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One response to “Greek for the Night

  1. eric

    I had a great night after a…ok day. Thanks kiddo for a fun evening. Run well tomorrow!

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