Krazy Kow 5k recap

I’ll admit right off that after a month and a half or racing every weekend it’s starting to wear on me. Thankfully I have just one more race before London and one more opportunity to beat my PR on a hopefully flat, fast course.

I felt super strong in this race though and I’m so glad I did it.

I don’t have very many pictures today because my photographer is currently on the other side of the country (hopefully having a fantastic time!) and I wanted to try for a faster run. (I might carry the camera with me next week and will carry it for sure in London.)

I made it out to the park with just enough time to pick up my packet (which includes another awesome looking tech T) and pin on my race bib. I love it when they print the name on the bib.

(Yes, that clip holds all my race bibs, all 23!)

Before the race started I had no idea what to expect of the course. Thankfully I overheard that the first half mile is all downhill and as an out and back we’d be facing a significant uphill on the way back

Mile 1 went as planned. 7:57 pace (The hill helped me not go out as fast.)

Mile 2 did not go as planned. I need to work on my mental stamina in this middle mile. I started to discount a PR and stopped looking down at my pace as often. it showed. 8:18 pace.

Mile 3 went better than planned. I actually managed negative splits for the first time in a while and at points got my pace around 7:45. Mile 3 averaged an 8:04 pace.

Unfortunately, because of Mile 2, even my 6:17 pace for the .12 wasn’t enough to bring me back under 25 but today I was faster with a final time of 25:06.

After many extremely disappointing 5k outings I think my training is back on the upswing, as well as my fitness. I’ve realized that though I may not make a new 5k PR this year because of marathon training I’m okay with that. I’ll make 2011 the year of the marathon (at least the second half) and start pushing for speed after that.


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