A Tale of Two Nut Butters

Technically peanuts are a legume but I’ll let it pass this one time.

Anne‘s guest post on another blog (I can’t remember whose) about how to eat healthy while traveling I was inspired to do some shopping of my own. In the coming days I’ll be packing my own hopefully healthy snacks for my London trip.

Anne mentioned almond butter packs and I remembered the amazing Justin’s maple almond butter that I got to sample when I won skinnyrunner‘s giveaway. I opened up a new tab and googled Justin’s almond butter. As soon as I found a nearby store I made a beeline there right after school.

[Before I go any further I have to say getting out of the Fresh Market with only what I came for was quite the feat. I can’t believe that I’ve never been to that store before!]

While at the Fresh Market I snagged 6 packets and a jar of the Maple Almond Butter; I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist opening up one of the packs before the trip. Step up to the plate contestant number 1.

My normal go to nut butter is Kirkland (Costco house brand) Organic Creamy Peanut Butter. Before Justin came along I couldn’t imagine anything topping contestant #2.

Now let’s see the 2 of them side by side.

A little bit of a size difference, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s the rub. I can buy 2 of those Costco jars for 2 dollars cheaper for one of Justin’s.

Now that I see the size of the almond butter I can understand how Matt can go through a jar so quickly.

Who’s the winner? It’s really hard to decide but my cravings win out here. For the past few days I’ve had this odd craving for more of that delicious Maple Almond Butter. Now I have it. If only I can figure out a way to incorporate almond butter with all the fruit and veggies sitting in the fridge. Hmm…

[One other perplexing note. Does anyone have a solution for this riddle? I weighed out today and here are the results: same weight and 2 inches lost but at the same time my fat percentage went up 1.3%. Does this make sense to anyone?]


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