I am hardcore!

Paris Mountain, you are mine! (Sorry for calling you a hill on twitter this morning.)

Check out my knee! (More on that in a moment)

I woke up super tired this morning and even started to nod off a little while I had my devotions this morning. Wishes of a later start and a 5k filled my mind.

I headed out though, picked up my number and waited to start.

While waiting I actually got recognized for my blog! (I’m not counting on that happening again any time soon because there’s all of 1 person I don’t know that follows the blog. :D) Then my former youth pastor came up to say hello. We actually started the race together.

I knew I was in for much more than I bargained for when he described the first 3 miles as pretty much straight up and rolling hills after. Just look at this elevation!

Mile 3 nearly killed me. I walked hiked nearly the entire mile. Right about then I wondered what I had gotten myself into and vowed never do something like this again.

Mile 4 maintained elevation and this is when I made my idiot move. Right after my garmin beeped for mile 4 I decided look down and see what my pace was. I seriously need to get my alignment checked because I veered to the left and my left foot slipped off the packed earth. I slid down to my hands and knees but I was back up within a couple seconds. Silly me. The first time I looked at me was when I finished.

The hardest part about the last 3 miles was actually the downhill portion. It’s hard to slow down to avoid tripping on tree roots and rocks when you’re heading downhill at a significant rate. I even passed a few people in the final miles.

Then came the final half mile. I saw a guy a few hundred yards in front of me and decided that I would “chick” him. I read that phrase on another blog and thought about it every time I passed a guy. With about a tenth of a mile left I pulled up right behind him but then came a fork in the road. I followed him but it turns out that we took a wrong turn and added an extra tenth. Oh well, at least there was someone else there so I could figure it out.

I even put on a little bit of a sprint at the end.

Here are my overall splits.

(I finally figured out how to take screen shots. :D)

After finishing I want to do it again! I felt so hardcore and I loved it! With this race, 8 weekends in a row of races are now done. Hallelujah! My next race is the 10k in England!

P.S. I totally meant to mention this on Thursday. I did actually splurge. When I saw a tweet from the San Francisco Marathon about only 25 spots remaining in the first half I took the plunge.


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One response to “I am hardcore!

  1. eric

    You say hardcore, I say glutton for punishment…:D. Seriously, you impress me over and over and even inspire me. Don’t get too excited, unless someone is chasing me, I won’t be running, but you have inspired me to get fit.

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